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Fine Arts


Round Lake Area School District-116 has a rich history of performers, musicians, actors, and artists.

The Round Lake Music Program offers our students engaging opportunities to explore, analyze, practice, and perform a diverse landscape of music at all ages. Our Round Lake High School Band has been nationally recognized.

The Round Lake Visual Arts program offers our students opportunities to grow and develop artistically through meaningful explorations of concepts, materials, personal ideas, skill-building techniques, art appreciation, art history, and criticism. Our students have the opportunity to have their work showcased in our halls and building shows, our NLCC High School Conference art show, and in two all-district art shows.

The Round Lake Drama Department offers our students deep exposure to the many facets of drama and production. Our Round Lake High School theater director and talented thespians have won numerous awards.

We are proud of our Fine Arts Programs and activities as they work to engage our students in the fine arts, helping to develop our future leaders into thoughtful, talented, artful, driven, and engaged citizens.

Our Vision

All students who participate in the Round Lake Area Schools Fine Arts programs will be able to develop, innovate, create, appreciate, and promote the Arts.

Round Lake Music Calendar

Check out our calendar for upcoming events, rehearsals, and more!