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Speech Team

So What is Speech Team?

General Overview

Speech Team is a competitive activity in which students compete in 14 very unique events, ranging from impromptu speaking to acting to news radio to poetry and prose reading. Students are judged against their competitors at tournaments, competing for a chance to compete in the final round of the tournament, and boost the team score of Round Lake High School and winning trophies and medals for themselves

Tournament Overview

  • The tournaments take place on Saturdays and usually last eight to twelve hours.
  • Students are usually judged in rounds of five to eight competitors. There are generally three preliminary rounds of competition, and the top-ranking competitors in each event advance to the final round

How Rounds Work

  • In each round, students compete against other students from other high schools (usually).
  • Each performance is evaluated by a judge, who writes comments on a critique sheet that will be used by the competitor to enhance his/her performance at coaching sessions.
  • After all the performers have given their pieces, the judge ranks them by giving them a number, 1 thru 6. A 1 is the highest rank, while a 6 is the lowest.
  • After all three rounds of competition, each competitor's ranks are added together, and those with the lowest totals (with the most 1's and 2's, usually) advance to the final round.

Final Rounds

  • In the final rounds, the top competitors in each event compete against each other.
  • While there is only one judge in each preliminary round, there are usually three judges in each final round. Each judge ranks the competitors individually, and all ranks from all judges are added together to get a total final score for the competitor.

IHSA State Series

At the end of the season, the coaches select one competitor from each event to move on to the IHSA(Illinois High School Association) State Series. The competitor from each event competes first in the IHSA regional tournament. Those who place in the top 4 in the Regional final round move on to the Sectional tournament, where more schools compete. The top 3 at the Sectional move on to the State tournament, where schools from the entire state are represented. The state champion is selected in the State Final Round.


Sharon Aiello

(224) 842-2020 ext: 3804

Meeting time

Tuesdays at 3:20 pm